Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Jamcon2015- #jamgotgel

Whew!  Where have I been!  I'll tell ya where I've been!   I came back from Jamcon2015 and I am just so excited I could scream!  OK, I did scream A LOT while I was there.   It was so amazing, and I even rode a mechanical bull!  Serious craziness here peeps!

OK, so for the good stuff.  Did you hear??? Jamberry is getting GEL!   For. REALS.   This is good stuff ladies!

It's called TruShine and this pic shows what you get if you order the kit.   All the items can be purchased separately but the kit is seriously the way to go!  Jamberry has managed to make the Gel 5-FREE just like our Lacquers.  That is the bomb!  And our light is an LED lamp, WITH a 45 second time.   How awesome is that?  You don't even have to think about how long your hands are under there!     Oh and the coolest thing???   We have these awesome remover packets.  You just wrap your nails in them, let them sit for 10 minutes, take them off and crack that Gel right off!  So handy and cool!  Oh and they smell amazing!  Seriously, no nasty acetone smell!!!

Here's the deal.  This does not come out till September 1st.  BUT if you want to pre-order now I've got a great deal for ya.  Just purchase $140 in gift cards NOW and you will get the Kit ($120 value), another Gel color of choice ($20 value) PLUS you can choose a wrap of choice (I highly recommend a clear design wrap to layer over the gel!)   AND I'll send you a wrap now so you have something to play with while you wait.  Oh and did I mention I'll cover the tax and shipping as part of that gift card as well!  Did you add all that up???? That is WELL over $170 value with tax and shipping!   SWEET!!

You can get your gift cards here, then shoot mean email and let me know you ordered!

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