Monday, September 22, 2014

The Jamberry Opportunity

I love Love LOVE my 'job'.   It's almost hard to call it a job because it's so fun!  I look forward to working my business everyday- and yes it is a business for me!  For some, it can be just a hobby and that's awesome, but the great thing about Jamberry is, it can be so much more!!

Whatever you want to make of your Jamberry business, you can!  So how do you know if Jamberry is right for you?  Here are some great questions to consider!

And some more reasons people join Jamberry

One question that is often asked- is there a penatly or minimum monthly requirement?
Nope!   If you don't have $600 in sales in a rolling 12 months, you are considered inactive.  That's it- so simple!  No required sales or number of parties!

Why is RIGHT NOW the RIGHT TIME to join???   The media presence for Jamberry is ever increasing!  We have been in magazines and on local and national morning t.v. shows.  We have been featured in OK! Magazine, Nylon, Marie Claire, Parents, the LA times, Fashion Week, US Weekly, Elle, In Style and People Magazine has even included Jamberry wraps as part of a customer giveaway!  Jamberry always has something new and exciting on the forefront to keep your customers excited! 

Jamberry Provides AMAZING training opportunties, besides having an awesome sponsor (ME!) you will have access to Jamberry University- The company spent a ton of time and resources creating this AMAZING resource! It is made up of 10 learning modules that go over and teach you the ins and outs of the business and everything you need to know! You can work on them at your own pace  and you can even go back and watch the videos and go through the lessons over and over.

There is also local and regional training opportunities and awesome facebook groups where everyone shares their ideas, asks questions and provides great inspiration! 

What I love most about being a Jamberry Consultant?   

Wondering just how much it is to sign up!  IT's so reasonable!!!

Start your business – For just $99 (USD) plus shipping and handling, Jamberry will send you a starter kit with all the materials needed to run your own Jamberry business! Jamberry Starter Kit Comes 
 4 Sheets of Nail Wraps (you pick 3 Jamberry picks 1)
Jamberry Mini-Heater
 6 Nail Files 
3 Buffer Blocks 
Cuticle Pusher 
3 Pairs of Nail Scissors 
50 Orange Sticks
 Nail Care Cuticle Oil
 2 25-Packs of Catalogs  
50 Nail Sample Cards 
10 Nail Prep Wipes 
Start-Up Guide 
Order Forms 
Additional Business Tools

So are you ready to sign up?  Use this link:

Or do you have more questions?   Email me at

Want to know just a bit more about how Jamberry got started?  Watch this awesome video! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Great time to party!

This is an AWESOME time to party with Jamberry!  The fall 2014 catalog just came out and it's full of super fun nail wraps for the ladies and little ladies!!!   This super quick video showcases the new wraps!

As a hostess you can also earn amazing rewards!  Want to know what and how?  Contact me on facebook at

Shop online now at 

Friday, September 12, 2014

New for Fall 2014!

Some of my favorite new things for fall/winter 2014!

The sparkle wraps are so pretty!  They look glittery but still have a smooth feel, best part?  No scrubbing at your nail to remove glitter!

The tint wraps add just a hint of color to your nails!

I am in LOVE with Jamberry Nail Wraps. Who wouldn't be? There are SO many different designs and they don’t chip or fade, but let’s be honest… that doesn't mean we can’t still love a good bottle of nail polish too!
In an effort to appeal to everyone’s nail preferences, Jamberry has come out with an AMAZING line of nail lacquer! This isn’t just your typical nail polish, my friends! Jamberry nail lacquer is high-end, salon quality nail polish.
Just in case you didn’t know… Jamberry was named the SELF Magazine Health Beauty Award Winner. Jamberry Professional Nail Lacquer was voted by SELF women as the Best Nail Polish! These nail lacquers are perfect for the ever trendy statement nail, pesky pinky toes, or under any of our clear nail designs.
There are two different basecoats (smoothing and strengthening), as well as different top coats (ultra-shine, matte, glitter) to give your lacquer a different look!
Lacquers provide a rich and extensive palette of the widest range of colors and effects without the use of Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutylphthalate (DBP), Camphor or Formaldehyde Resin.
Made in the USA, gluten free, cruelty free, and Vegan friendly. Truth – this nail lacquer is JAMAZING! It goes on so smooth and looks great. Feel much better using this on yourself while pregnant or on your kids knowing that it is non-toxic! Check out all of our nail lacquers, including lacquer sets at

The new mini heater is sooo dang cute!   While not essential (you CAN use a blowdryer to apply heat to your wraps), the mini heater is so convenient.  It allows for hands free application and it's QUIET!  That means you can apply your wraps while watching a movie and no one else will even notice it's on!

Ready to shop?  Check out the look book below or visit 

Jamberry Juniors!

Not only are there super cute styles for the ladies, there are ADORABLE designs for the little ones in our lives!    Jamberry Juniors are designed for girls age 0-8!

So cute on right!!!

Here's the breakdown on size difference between regular wraps and the juniors! 

There are 18 wraps on one regular sheet. Each wrap should cover at least two nails unless you have REALLY long fingernails. Those with shorter nails could easily get three nails covered per wrap.
Widths: 21mm, 18mm, 17mm, 14mm, 13mm, 11mm, 10mm, 9mm & 7mm

There are 42 wraps on each juniors sheet. 28 in the main pattern, and 14 in the coordinating pattern. 
Widths: 14mm, 11mm, 10mm, 9mm, 7mm, 6mm & 5mm

While Basic Application of the JR wraps is the same as adults, there are a few tricks to make application even better for the littles!

The Jamberry Juniors are the perfect addition to your little girls Halloween ensemble!  Check out these Frozen inspired wraps!   So adorable right??

Or for just plain fun on Halloween!

Shop now at 

Or the Look Book

What are Jamberry Nails?

Jamberry nail wraps are SERIOUSLY the cutest things ever! They are high quality vinyl nail wraps that you apply using heat, like from your hair dryer. They are SUPER durable, lasting up to 2 weeks on your fingers and 4+ weeks on your toes.

Seriously so CUTE!   They come in over 300 designs so there is sure to be something for EVERYONE!

Each sheet of Jamberry nail wraps can generally do 2 manicures AND 2 pedicures with wraps left over!  This pictures shows what's left on a sheet after a full mani and pedi was completed!

The wraps are easy to apply in the comfort of your own home, using tools you probably already have!  Check out this official application video.

Ready to shop?  Check out the look book below or visit