Friday, August 7, 2015

August joining incentive!

This one is amazing ladies!  If you have had any desire or thoughts of joining Jamberry, now is the RIGHT time!   Jamberry is offering a $50 cash rebate if you join this month and hit your first fast start by September 30!  This is in addition to the $75 in product credit you will get!

The thing is, if you have every thought about it, even without the incentive, buying the kit is really a no-brainer.    Let's break it down.  It's $99 to join.  That's it.  And you know what you get?   
4 Sheets of wraps -Retail value $45
1 Mini Heater - Retail value $19
Application Kit - Retail value $12.50 (without oil)
 So that's over $70 in just straight product right there!  So basically you are paying less than $30 more for your business!     Can you afford a $30 risk?   What's the worst that could happen?  Well, you could give it a shot, find out it's not for you and be out $30.  
But what COULD happen.  You join, host a part, pay off your kit AND more. You earn enough to pay for Christmas, a car payment, maybe even a house payment.  You gain new friends.  Gain confidence.  You get PAID to have PRETTY nails!  And I could go on and on and on.  Is a $30 risk worth the payoff?  YES it is!   

Want to know what else you get with the extra $30?  (well besides a free website for 90 days and the ability to sell the product IMMEDIATELY)

Let me show you!  Watch this video and I will show you exactly what you get!

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