Friday, May 1, 2015

May Day!

I love May Day!   As as child I loved gathering flowers and putting into homemade paper baskets and dropping them on the doorsteps of my widowed neighbors.  Loved it!  It's something I want to pass onto my children as they get older!

I'm just a sucker for flowers in general.  Aren't most of us girls?    So it was super fun to see this month's Sister Style Exclusive wrap from Jamberry!  And what a perfect name May Flowers!

 This month's Sisters' Style wrap features vibrant red blossoms on a clear background. Worn alone or layered atop your favorite lacquer, May Flowers are the perfect way to guarantee gorgeous blossoms all spring long. 

This picture I believe shows them layered over a white wrap as the actual May Flowers wrap is clear.

Here they are on a natural nails (or perhaps over a french tip).   

What do you think?
You can get May Flowers here:

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