Friday, September 12, 2014

Jamberry Juniors!

Not only are there super cute styles for the ladies, there are ADORABLE designs for the little ones in our lives!    Jamberry Juniors are designed for girls age 0-8!

So cute on right!!!

Here's the breakdown on size difference between regular wraps and the juniors! 

There are 18 wraps on one regular sheet. Each wrap should cover at least two nails unless you have REALLY long fingernails. Those with shorter nails could easily get three nails covered per wrap.
Widths: 21mm, 18mm, 17mm, 14mm, 13mm, 11mm, 10mm, 9mm & 7mm

There are 42 wraps on each juniors sheet. 28 in the main pattern, and 14 in the coordinating pattern. 
Widths: 14mm, 11mm, 10mm, 9mm, 7mm, 6mm & 5mm

While Basic Application of the JR wraps is the same as adults, there are a few tricks to make application even better for the littles!

The Jamberry Juniors are the perfect addition to your little girls Halloween ensemble!  Check out these Frozen inspired wraps!   So adorable right??

Or for just plain fun on Halloween!

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